Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What matters most!

Australia is still gripped by the tragedy of the weekend's fires as the death toll continues to rise. This morning's news reports posted the count at 181 but warned that it may dramatically rise as emergency service personnel gain access back into the areas effected and continue the grizzly task of finding more bodies. Around 20 fires remain out of control and several towns are still on high alert. But the weather has abated to some extent and it looks like the atrocious conditions of the weekend that lead to so many people being caught unaware are behind us.  If nothing else, we certainly won't be underestimating the power of the elements.  One report likened it to a hurricane that rained firey embers and drove flames ahead of it with such ferocity that it could not be outrun. Even families who took refuge in bunkers have been found perished. And in one photograph, the alloy wheels of a car lie like a solidified molten lava flow on the ground.
I've tried a couple of times to blog about topics that were the original purpose of this diary but have found myself unable to focus.  Surrounded by such human tradegies, my ongoing thoughts about technology are inconsequential.  Technology is our servant.  It is our aid to a better life. But when life itself is under threat, the pursuit and accolades of technology must take a back seat as we focus on matters of greater importance.  Hug your children.  Tell your husband or wife that you love them. Be human. Use now as an opportunity to remember what matters most.

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