Thursday, February 5, 2009

... and now for the business cards

Yesterday I posted about just how easy it was to buy and set up a custom website in an evening but today I want to tell you about how we created our very own business cards too.  Having the website was one thing but we needed a way to get the word out and point people from the conference to it.
The key here was that it all had to be done superfast!  If we had more time we could have looked at using one of the online business card services such as clickbusinesscards. I've heard a couple of really good reports about their service but for our situation, we didn't have time on our side.
Instead, we opted for a cheeky use of Harvey Norman's photo centre. If you are handy with photo shop or some other image editing software then you can create your own impressive business cards very quickly and easily.
A standard business card is 8.56cm x 5.398cm and you can get 3 into a 6" x 4" photo or 4  into a 5" x 7" photo.  The normal price for 5 x 7's is 59c each but for 6 x 4' s its 25c.  And if you go on a Thursday, the 6 x 4's are only 19c each.  So that means I can get 3 business cards for 19c - i.e. 6.33 cents each. It's not double sided but it is photo quality and actually cheaper per card than clickbusinesscards' 1000 qty deal.
Renee estimated she only needed about 30 business cards to cover the conference so the total investment would be all of $1.90 if she printed it up on Thursday. Can you believe it!  In the end, Renee decided on going for a 6x4 photo sized flyer so she could put more information on it and because the conference is actually today (Thursday) she had to print them up yesterday and  couldn't take advantage of the special. But all up, she got 30 very professional looking cards printed off for $15 yesterday and she went off to the conference this morning brimming with confidence and optimism.