Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome to my world

Ok, so here we are.  Blog number 1.  I suppose I'd better introduce myself.  My name is Marty Hauff and I live in Sydney, Australia.  I'm passionate about education and electronics and so my job at Altium provides me with a perfect mix of technology and communication opportunities.
 Currently I am largely engaged in creating training material (mainly videos) although they sometimes let me out of my cage to present at various tradeshows and conferences.  
Aside from my professional interests, I am married to a wonderfully understanding woman (Renee - who survived being a PhD widow for a number of years), and I have a 2 kids (Michaela & Dante) who I'm very proud of.
The rules of my blog are simple. If you want to add to the discussion then jump right in.  If you want to use bad language, spam, or just make a nuisance of yourself then feel free to do so in your own blog - not here.

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